Acquire customers
Boost your conversion rate

Experience a 6X increase in Customer Acquisition while making the most out of every Customer Interaction.

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We now have access to over 4X the number of identities we had in our database, and are also able to ensure that all our agencies are also on FirstHive, wherein they get access to the data, but the PII is masked from our end thereby ensuring data protection as well.

A Personal Care Brand, North America

Optimize your funnel

Match ideal customer personas with the incoming leads into your funnel. Score leads and their intent across the entire customer journey by unifying the customer data coming in from all configured marketing channels. Provide personalized content that attracts different types of cohorts across prospects.

Create an optimal
Marketing mix

For optimal customer conversions and acquisitions choose the right set of channels that matter most to a given audience. Gain insights into every customer interaction that tells what content, messaging and campaign inputs promise most conversions.

Reduce Cost of
Customer Acquisition

Identify patterns and customer paths that contribute to high-value customers. Access customer data that helps you target most-profiting segments with maximum conversions and acquisitions.

Reduce Ad Spend

Identify campaigns that provide optimal conversions. Optimize bid strategies for each segment. Personalize content and experience for each campaign, increasing ad efficiency.

Minimize Cart

Drill down to the last minute to find out the intent of shoppers and minimize cart abandonments. Provide personalized offers, loyalty schemes, discounts and coupon codes for optimal conversions.

Customer Acquisition

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